The Voice US 8: Live Play-Offs (#TeamChristina)

Woah!!! Christina is back and in an ironic contrast, if Adam’s team this season is his weakest.. this is probably Christina’s strongest team to date. If I don’t jinx it, Christina might be the team to beat this season. Sure her crop of artists are not as diverse as Blake, but these divas and R&B singer could actually be real threats!

It is a really good night for Christina’s team as I thought, despite some issues, her team just nailed their performances!

Here is how I rank Christina’s team.

[5] Lexi Davila
All By Myself

– I think even if she did good, Christina is already set with her team prior to stealing her. She just needs to use that “steal”. Despite some overembellishments she did with the song, there are parts where she sounded really good. There are moments where she look and sound tentative and that bum note at the end didn’t really gave her enough favors. But she made it at this point, at which I never really expected since I written her off after her Blinds. Haha. 5

[4] Sonic
I’m Going Down

– I wanted to like this. I thought this is a perfect suit for Sonic but there is something on her delivery that just underwhelms me. Her vocals were decent in parts but she was really off pitch in most parts. The vocal choices were okay but it didn’t really move me. 6

[3] Rob Taylor
Earned It

– This is Rob’s best performance to date. I thought it was like tailor-made for him. But I just didn’t like how he over done the track. It felt more like showboating. But the effortless transitions and the gorgeous vocals really sold me. I didn’t like his phrasing though. 7.5

[2] India Carney

– Hm. I thought her vibratto here was a little out of control and some parts were pitchy. This is a tough song to sing and I never really think one could actually top what Christina has done with the song. It was risky but I just didn’t think it 100% worked for her. That being said, there are moments that are golden here. 7.5

[1] Kimberly Nichole
What’s Up

– This is fantastic! I mean, the vocals here were glorious. The grit, the power, the delivery.. it was just stunning! Kimberly just nailed the song and I absolutely loved it! Her phrasing sounded nice. The transition and vocal choices were amazing. This is actually pretty strong showing from Kimberly and probably my favorite performance of her, to date. 9

* * *

Kimberly Nichole
India Carney
Rob Taylor (Christina’s Choice)

Kimberly Nichole
India Carney
Rob Taylor (Christina’s Choice)


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