American Idol XIV: Top 7

Tonight, the idols are tackling the Billboard 100 as Jason Derulo and Florida Georgia Line mentors them.

It’s an interesting night actually as we saw pretty good performances. I thought Idol has been really consistent week by week and compare to the last two seasons, this is really a stronger crop of artists.

Now, let us see how I rank the remaining seven tonight!



– Eh? He never really hit anything but some terrible, wobbly and off pitched notes. But here’s the thing, this is probably his best performance to date. His vocals were better than usual and the stage presence is really on point. His showmanship is what he really can sell. 6

– –

7. Jax
Poker Face

– I’m actually very indifferent with this performance and I must say, I agree with Jennifer’s crtics. For me, overall, it felt too theatrical. The inflections, the vocal choices, her vocals and even the arrangement didn’t really work for me. It felt unnatural. Too rehearsed. Too showboating. But I must say, there are parts in here that Jax sounded really good. 6

6. Quentin Alexander

– Yey! Uptempo and I am happy that he stayed away from those dark, melancholic arrangements but it came with a price. I guess, Quentin should listen to Harry and he should work on his technicalities. Here, the vocals weren’t perfect at all and his vibratto was a mess. The beginning actually I thought is a promising start but once the band hits, the vocals were soaring and the dynamics play? It became… messy and off pitch. 6.5

5. Joey Cook
Wrecking Ball

– I guess, it would be a better choice if she did “All about that bass” in yet another PMJ version but I guess that would be very predictable. Here, the verses were nice but the overall performance for me lacks texture. It was all vanilla. I must again agree with Jennifer and Harry, the verses were fine but the chorus missed a lot of marks. This is actually decent but underwhelming. 6.5

4. Rayvon Owen
Set Fire To The Rain

– For the second week in a row, he was in the bottom and had to sing for his safety. Good thing, he was up against a weaker vocalist and Rayvon shine in that showdown. Herems the deal, even if I liked it more than some thought it wasn’t really that good, it was actually good – especially the first half. The second half just didn’t work for me and I thought at that part, it was too big for Rayvon’s sweet, silky voice that it became a little off pitch and he clearly struggled. But I love the heart in here as he really showed great passion in his performance that I’ve never really saw from him. 7

3. Clark Beckham
Make It Rain

– Clark once again sang a fantastic version of the song and it is like already given. Expected and predicted already because he set that bar for himself that there is no contest in here at all. But here’s my thing, I am actually agreeing with Jennifer a lot tonight.. Clark needs to think on how to excite his market. Because the singing is already given, like we all know he will deliver week after week after week, but what else that is in him that will make him more exciting. You know the little details can really make a difference and J.Lo pointed it out perfectly. 7.5

2. Tyanna Jones

– It was beautifully sung and there is a raw emotional connection in here that I particularly love. The vocals weren’t perfect but the delivery is probably one of – if not – Tyanna’s best in the live shows. 8

1. Nick Fradiani
Teenage Dream

– I LOVED THIS! I thought this was perfectly executed by Nick. There was variety and personality in here. His vocals were strong. He looked very comfortable and confident. I just really loved this one. Really good! 8


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