Movie Review: The Longest Ride (’15 George Tillman, Jr.)

I am not sure if it was the build up or the narrative but the longest ride is, well, long. Not that the time frame of the film is longer than the usual 1-2 hours movie but it felt, exhaustingly long. But despite some cheesy, typical story telling or the usual romanticism, there is honesty in here that worked. Maybe it was more on the performances of the actors and the undeniable charisma of the lead stars and the chemistry between them actually left room to root for. Now, if only the pacing is not dragging or the transition isn’t messy, the film could’ve been a successful adaption out of the other Nicholas Sparks’ film adaptation collectively. This is not entirely bad, there are bright moments but like what I said, it misses mostly the mark of it being magically lovely or romantically silly. Again, it was decent at its best, I guess. 6


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