The Voice US 8: Live Shows (Top 12)

Here we are, we are down to 12! These 12 artists are going to battle it out for that Season 8 crown. This is a bunch of really strong and solid performers so I am assuking it would be a bloodbath!

Of course, there are early front runners in this competition. Like what I said in my previous post, Sawyer Fredericks of Team Pharrell is in the best position of possibly winning this. His closest threat are Corey Kent White of Team Blake and his fellow Team Pharrell member, Mia Z! Others are expected to deliver really well but I am not really 100% sure that they could win it. But I love unexpected stuff, so I hope this season will be a roller coaster ride of unexpected eliminations and a pool of fantastic performances.

Now onto tonight’s show.

[12] Brian Johnson
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You

– Vocals weak. His voice got totally swallowed by the band in the middle until the end. This is a sleeper as well. 4

[11] Hannah Kirby
Edge Of Seventeen

– This is a let down and I must say, I really don’t like her phrasing and intonation. It’s just very muddled. And the fact that she screams her verses half the time is not really appealing. 4.5

[10] Deanna Johnson
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)

– The vocals here are pretty shaky. Not to mention, the overall performance didn’t do anything for Deanna. It was boring, forgettable and vocally weak. 5

[9] Rob Taylor
I Put A Spell On You

– Oops. It was yet again overly done. Wow, those runs were heavy handed and his phrasing is muddled. It sounded shouty in the middle towards the end and the verses were shaky. This is not entirely bad, but I don’t also think it was that good especially compare to what he has delivered last week with “Earned it”.6

[8] Corey Kent White

– This is in particular is not the best song choice for Corey but his vocals is what made him better than the bottom 4 for me. He is just a consistent and solid vocalist which is very admirable. This isn’t something groundbreaking or emotionally invested kind of performance from him, but it was decent. 6

[7] Joshua Davis

– This is the best in team Adam? Wow. He really is doomed this season. While this sounded lovely in parts because Joshua has that sweet, comforting tone.. it needed dynamics for me. It just lack that specific quality that will make his performance move away from the verge of being sleepy and not memorable. 6.5

[6] India Carney
Take Me To Church

– I like this because it is not the usual theatrical kind of delivery that India usually does. And I like the little flaws in her voice here because that cracks actually made it register more natural. The first half was lovely. The dark quality and edge in her delivery was actually pretty nice! This is not my favorite vocal performance from her but it is for me better in an overall kind of performance than what she did with “Hurt”. 7

[5] Sawyer Fredericks

– I really can’t wrap myself around Sawyer. He seems to be very talented but this was nothing really groundbreaking for me. The arrangement – folk – felt disconnected. But he seems to transcend well in the audience, which is surprising. His vocals were uneven for me and there is something in that quality of his tone that I cringe everytime he drops them. Now, this is times 4 better than his knockouts and playoffs performance but yet again, I am not that sold.. yet. But then this kind of performance and the song choice, just solidifies his rally for the crown. I mean, it was like it is already written in his face that he will win. Haha. I’m writing this post and he is already ranking in the Top 20 of itunes singles chart and the others recordings were nowhere to find, yet. 7

[4] Mia Z
Miss You

– Mia is just fantastic! This is yet again a solid and consistent performance from her. The vocals here are nice. Her tone sounded lovely. The falsettos were properly used and the intonation is gorgeous. I love her phrasing and the way she worked the stage is just like a pro! BUT. If I could critic this in an overall effect, it felt like a solid drunken karaoke performance, with some touch of level up awesomeness – if that even makes sense. All I know is that despite her delivering a solid one, I thought this could be better – especially with the song choice. 7

[3] Meghan Linsey
Girl Crush

– And I thought she will be that old fashioned diva who belts notes in that outdated vibe.. but she didn’t. I am surprised. Her restraint is beautiful. Her vocal choices were wonderful. The dynamics here is lovely. This is her best performance yet. Maybe, the styling could be better because she is still screaming old for me but all in all, I am impressed. 7.5

[2] Koryn Hawthorne
Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

– A little heavy with the verses but once she loosen up especially that second half, it was glorious! Wow. This girl has the power and dynamics that could be really a threat for everyone. A little control though because some of her high notes were heavy handed and shouty but this is a strong performance from Koryn! 8

[1] Kimberly Nichole
House Of The Rising Sun

– Pharrell must be like: “How did I let her go in favor of Lowell Oakley?” Haha. Kimberly just smashed this in the vocal aspect. Although, this doesn’t topped her performance last week, it was still a solid, gorgeous and consistent vocal performance. Plus, she worked that light blue dress and the stage gorgeously! Also, I love how she somehow R&B-fied this song but keeping its essence of that grit, power, soul, ballad track! 8.5

– –
(for elimination)



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