New Track: Stereo Kicks – Love Me So

If you told me last year that there is this 8 man boy band that will do well in the music industry, I might have slap you real hard. But watching these 8 fellas grow in the 11th Season of X Factor UK and how they managed to develop a growth arc to root for right before the audience eyes, it is now actually hard not to place your bet in this group as the world’s next big boy band in the making. And they are doing it slowly but surely. Stereo Kicks just wrapped up their own headline tour around UK, manage to seal some tv and radio guestings and now released for pre-order a song that was actually penned by their own, Tom Mann.

The track which is a sappy, pop, ballad isn’t really bad but it has this hook on its chorus and a relatable verses. Not to mention, the guys had some serious harmonies despite having 8 members singing together. Also, the vocals here were really on point and I like the fact that they milked the band’s best singer (James Graham) and allowed him to wave the hardest and climactic parts of the song. Those runs and high notes were delicious. Nothing to take away with his fellow members as they provided really good vocal support. This is a pretty strong, radio ready, debut single and I’m telling you, how the song charted all over Europe is a good indication that these boys are in it!

Paging these major record labels, are you seriously not going to sign them? You’re missing so much!

Here is a lyrics video that was posted today. Oh, they have their own VEVO channel now and out of all the acts from the 11th Season of X Factor UK, they are the first one to actually release an original single. Great job!

Check and listen on their new song below:


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