The Voice US 8: Live Shows (Top 10)

Speechless. No Words. This is an underwhelming episode of the season. I mean, maybe I expected a lot more from this talent crop of artists but I was left with 1-3 performances to be desired and the others faltered in my radar.

But I’m keeping my hopes up because like what I always, this is a strong set of artists from The Voice.

But you know what I like most in tonight’s episode? It is the subtle shade of criticisms from Christina, Blake and Adam. These are unusual since we all know that criticism in this show is most likely “You did great.” despite being off pitch, or “That was fantastic.” despite literally missing each notes to sharp and flat.

Now, let us rank the artists tonight.

[10] Hannah Kirby

– I didn’t get anything from here. And this is the usual recipe of a Hannah performancex It was all shouty.. and more shouts.. and literally she is shouting “Shout”. At the end of her performance, I just really don’t care. 4

[9] Joshua Davis
Hold Back The River

– What happened to him?! Wow, while on paper this is a fantastic song choice for Joshua but in reality, he crumbled really bad. Of course, midway he picked it up but the entire time, he was either under pitch or seriously missing his notes. 4.5

[8] Rob Taylor
A Song For You

– He was noted anout his phrasing and that is one of my problems with Rob ever since. In here, it was still there and the overembellished verses were still evident. There are pitch issues here as well. 5

[7] Sawyer Fredericks

– I really can’t wrap myself around Sawyer. It must be the tone of his voice or the affect in his voice that makes me feel weird. This is not entirely bad but this is also something I didn’t really care for. The pitch is really all over the place. His vocals were weak. The tone is uneven. This is yet another so-so from Sawyer. 6

[6] Deanna Johnson
Somebody To Love

– If Adam wants to take Deanna in that Florence and the Machine route, he should’ve just given her a Florence and the Machine song and that will work so well. I feel like Adam is already burnt out with The Voice and he needed a rest. There is a lack of competitiveness from him this season. This is subpar to what Deanna is capable of. The vocals were not bad buy it wasn’t fantastic as well. And with her trip to bottom 3 last week, I wouldn’t be surprise if she will be in the same spot again this week. 6

[5] Corey Kent White

– Why Blake is trying to throw Corey under the bus? We want sensitive Corey, Blake! His best performances came from Knockouts and Playoffs and those were emotional, sappy performances. But Blake keeps on giving him these uptempo that either he misses his pitch or he was uncomfortable doing. With that being said, this is yet again a consistent solid vocal but nothing really groundbreaking which is Corey is capable of doing. 6

[4] India Carney
Run To You

– The girl with an endless vibrato. While the vibrato here is a little limited, the fall of India in this performance is her weak high register (which is surprising since she had some fantastic vocal power showing before) and her low registers are, well vibratto filled. This is almost fine with some pitch problems here and there and she looked and sounded tentative though. 6.5

[3] Meghan Linsey

– I felt exhausted after her performance. Vocally, it was good. But it lacks dynamics and passion that I really felt tired just hearing her sing the song. It was just like a big ball of vocal prowess that didn’t feel super right. Good thing she sings on point and her pitch was consitently spot on. 7

[2] Kimberly Nichole
Something’s Got A Hold On Me

– Not my favorite Kimberly vocal performance. But then in a night where everybody else struggle, this easily sky rocketed in the honorary place. Her pitch was nice. The dynamics and drama were there. Again good performance from Kimberly. A little set back from her previous fantastic performances. 7.5

[1] Koryn Hawthorne
Make It Rain

– Who would’ve thought this will work? But it perfectly fits Koryn and she delivered the best performance of the night. She really is the dark horse of the competition. And if Pharrell will coach her consistently, we might see 2 Pharrell artists in the finals this season. Her vocals were outstanding. The dynamics were gorgeous. Her phrasing and the the texture of her voice sounded beautiful. Really good job from Koryn! 8

– –
(for Elimination)



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