On TV: Natalie La Rose & Fifth Harmony opened RDMA 2015

I’ve decided to create a new category for my blog. It is called TV MOMENTS. Basically the juice of this category to post stellar to funny and even fail moments, performances or segments on both local and international television.

First up is the fantastic opening number of Natalie La Rose and Fifth Harmony on last night’s Radio Disney Music Awards 2015.

Natalie La Rose started the show with her hit song (collaboration with Jeremih), the pop tune “Somebody”. She moves really well, although the vocals here are uneven and breathy. It must be because of her dancing her best on that stage. Still this is a really catchy track. Haha.

Following that number is a transition to Fifth Harmony singing a bit of “I wanna dance with somebody” tune and these girls sounds fantastic. Then they strut their gorgeous outfits and stellar choreography of their hit song, “Worth it”. Wow! The vocals here are pretty strong and the new choreography looked on point. Lovely!

Check out their performance below:


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