Movie Reviews: Avengers: Age Of Ultron (’15 Joss Whedon)

Avengers: Age Of Ultron is surprisingly way better than its predecessor. The first one was good, the sequel was better. And that is something rare that the sequel turns out to be this entertaining and fantastic. Let me get out with the cons. Yes, the film has some narrative flaws and it is not perfect. There I said it. But that part that is lacking is properly served in an exchange of visual bombast and an explosive, thrilling and fantastic action sequences. It is an entertaining treat. Not to mention, the humor is properly placed, well thought and adds break to an almost exhausting action packed sequences. I am not complaining though because despite some sense of exhaustion, the film fulfills a satisfying pleasure. Also, there is a more elaborate and depth in the character profiles here. They’ve manage to squeeze in properly storylines for each characters and even the cameos doesn’t feel like fillers but an honest inclusion to the story line. This is pretty good and I would gladly recommend it for everybody. 8


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