New Track: Julie Anne San Jose – Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang

It’s here! Well it was a week late upload on the youtube channel. Seriously, GMA Records? As some people with MYX Philippines (Music Video Channel on TV) have already enjoyed the luxury of seeing the video last week, for some without the channel and are in overseas, youtube is the only means of having the same luxury. And well.. it came a week late. Now, it’s here! Haha. Her second single (video?) coming from her sophomore album, “Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang” is Julie Anne’s sole revival and a great ode to a tasteful play on OPM. The track is relatable but the infuse of pop-R&B vibe with an almost acapella quality of the song sold me. It allows us to listen on the gorgeous voice of Julie Anne with the playful backtrack serves as a supporting color. Her vocals here were front and center and the track itself is not heavy despite of its lyrical content. Great stuff here. About the video: Well, do we expect videos to have any sense nowadays? I think usually videos are either to cater the supporters’ satisfaction (use the loveteam, some topless guys, big boobies leading ladies.. etc.) or some aesthetic video work (B&W theme, advocacy theme, etc.)

Check out her new video below:


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