On TV: Jennifer Lopez on Ellen

Haters can hate. Say what you want. But Jennifer Lopez is really a triple threat. She can sing (of course she’s not the best singer in the world), she can dance (!!!) and she can act. Not to mention, girl is not aging. She still looks so beautiful and she’s so sexy that I feel insecure. Like seriously, girl is gifted! Today she dropped by Ellen and performed a medley of her songs. She was absolutely amazing! That girl is a total performer and she’s so genuine when she’s talking! Pretty nice and entertainjng stuff here.

Check out Jennifer’s performance below:


5 thoughts on “On TV: Jennifer Lopez on Ellen

  1. Cheesus fries! First of all, I hope she took off that suit only when she was about to sing On the Floor. She’s doing her same old routine like she used to. Bat di yan magawa ni Britney? I’m sad. Bat may gantong ganap, bee? Is it because of her “vegas-vegas-vegas-vegas residency”? Kasi sa start pa lang i was like “parang las vegas lang ah” ako eh. Haha.. Galing ni madam!


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