Movie Review: Mad Max: Fury Road (’15 George Miller)

Mad Max: Fury Road is all sorts of awesome!!! It was exhilirating from start to end. The film was action-packed. And I am amazed on how hefty the narrative is. The entertainment value is top notch. Tom Hardy and Nicholas Hoult are so hot! Haha. Sorry I just had to put it out there. Nonetheless, the film succeeds because it didn’t have any dull moment. There is something relaxing to it despite the heavy pace of action and thrill. It may sound vague as I describe it, but the film is really satisfying. I feel like it manage to pull off what is expected from it and more so, give us another level of excitement. As a whole, the film doesn’t disappoint. It was entertaining and exciting at the same time. Very good job! 8.5


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