Movie Review: Aloha (’15 Cameron Crowe)

What to come up with this current, Cameron Crowe film? Hm. First, the cast on paper is an outstanding and stellar one. All of them are charming from Bradley to Emma to Rachel and even Bill Murray and Alec Baldwin. Second, Bradley Cooper has some resemblance in face value with Hugh Jackman no? Third, Hawaii looked really beautiful! Fourth, Bradley Cooper is hot! Haha. Fifth, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams are gorgeous ladies!

But here is where the film falls in an almost terrible scenario. It is a segment of different things that the film finds it difficult to patch things in as a whole. But it is campy at times that sometimes it gets away with the narrative flaws. The film is uneven in parts. There are really bright parts but there are also parts where it left you dumb.

Nonetheless, this romantic-comedy film has potential if only they worked more on its plot problems. Because with the setting that is gorgeous, you have pretty good cast and a potential taht could be a hit? This should be a great film that ends up lukewarm and mediocre. 5


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