Movie Review: Insidious: Chapter 3 (’15 Leigh Whannell)

The first one, I absolute loved it. The second was fair enough follow up of the first. But Chapter 3 of the Insidious series left me cold. There are mixed feelings in here. While they say that the third is always a charm, this isn’t as good as I what I initially expected it to be. It lacks the oompfht factor or even the scare tactics were underwhelming. It at least be deemed as an ok horror film but the lack of tight narrative, the poor execution of scary scenes and the engaging factor that the first Insidious had is not even evident here. But I wouldn’t say this is a terrible film, no it wasn’t, it was okay. I just wish there are more twitches and push on the overall production of the film that will live up to what the bar of the first one has set. Nonetheless, this could be a good scare for some. 6


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