EMMYS 2015: Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Dream Nominees)

The nominations have been made and on July 16, 2015, the nominees will be announced. It has been an annual event in American television where the best of the best of primetime television were recognized by the Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences.

Of course, the possible nominees were rallied by shows that were part & showed in an eligible year from June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015.

As a fun little thing on my blog, I would rack up some of my dream nominees on different major categories from Drama and Comedy. I must say, I had the greatest opportunity to catch a lot of series of both comedy and drama. So yeah.

Not in particular order, let’s start by naming my dream 5 nominees for SUPPORTING ACTORS in a COMEDY SERIES

1. Andre Braugher, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
-His usual deadpan, poker faced delivery proved to be profile that he was able to create for his character and the audience seems to be very receptive of it and I for one, find it funny. But more than that, Andre was able to convey layered emotions in his performance that provided a right mix of his comedy, yet vulnerable when the character calls for it.

2. Andrew Rannells, Girls
-For me, Elijah is season 4! From the season premiere to the last episode of the season? He for me stole the show. He was relevant, solid and funny. His nuances were layered, beautiful and terrific! I need more of him in Season 5. More!!

3. Tony Hale, Veep
– It was a toss up between Tony Hale and Hugh Laurie when I am making this list. In the end, Tong Hale’s Gary Walsh won me over once again. Not that Hugh was bad – no, I will be super ecstatic if he also got nominated – but between the two, I still think Tony was able to continue the winning performance of his as Gary from the previous seasons. He was hilarious at his best and just a blast on screen.

4. Tituss Burgess, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
-Tituss was over the top on the show, but it was the good kind of over the top. He was funny, crazy yet you will enjoy everybit of his antics. I mean, we all do agree that over the top characters are usually… annoying, but somehow Tituss portrayal of Titus Andromedon is all sorts of charm and humor!

5. Ty Burrell, Modern Family
– Phil Dunphy! Who wouldn’t enjoy every bit of Phil Dunphy and Ty Burrell was just perfect. From the delivery of his lines to the comedic timing to the specific and deliberate wit and emotions, Ty was able to make a Phil Dunphy. I mean, could we now think of any other person portraying the role? I doubt. Ty Burrell was a delicious spectacle of laughter and craziness. Love it! Note: The Clip was from Season 5.


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