EMMYS 2015: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Dream Nominees)

Primetime EMMY Awards 2015 - Dream Nominees

The nominations have been made and on July 16, 2015, the nominees will be announced. It has been an annual event in American television where the best of the best of primetime television were recognized by the Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences.

Of course, the possible nominees were rallied by shows that were part & showed in an eligible year from June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015.

As a fun little thing on my blog, I would rack up some of my dream nominees on different major categories from Drama and Comedy. I must say, I had the greatest opportunity to catch a lot of series of both comedy and drama. So yeah.

Not in particular order, here are my dream 5 nominees for SUPPORTING ACTOR in a DRAMA SERIES

1. Matthew Goode, The Good Wife
– Just like last year when I was rooting for Nicholas D’Agosto (Masters of Sex) for this category even with just a nod, I would do the same for Matthew Goode. Both were underrated. Both deserved a nod. Both performed exemplary beyond what was expected from them. Matthew’s inclusion as a cast regular in the season 6 of the show is a welcoming surprise especially with the departure of one of its amazing cast, Josh Charles. Tall order. But somehow, Matthew as Finn was able to deliver a nuanced performance. He is charming – maybe a big thanks to his good looks and accent – and is backed up by a slick, not over the top yet touching performance.

2. Peter Dinklage, Game Of Thrones
– Peter Dinklage continues to blew me away as Tyrion Lannister. As an example, that speech video above though it didn’t meet the eligibility for EMMYs 2015 nominations, was a good testament of how fantastic he is. And furthermore, as the season progress and the episodes developed, a more fantastic performance from Peter is what you can count on.

3. Jonathan Banks, Better Call Saul
– The “Five-o” episode alone of the series? That is true golden! Jonathan Banks character from the beginning of the season didn’t have so much going on but you can see how Jonathan was able to make the most out of it, giving us some of the most heart wrenching, a kick to the gut and full of emotions delivery that pull our heartstrings. He was amazing!

4. Robin Lord Taylor, Gotham
– We all know Ben Mckenzie anchored this freshman drama series of Fox and he was a fantatsic lead but somehow, Robin Lord Taylor was the one who really blew me away. This prequel storytelling of Batman didn’t meet all of the critiques love but for most of them, it was actually a good one. One of my favorite character is Oswald Copplebot or eventually we will know as “Penguin”. And for me, Robin was the perfec fit for the role. He was compelling and created texture & dynamics  for the series.

5. Jack Falahee, How To Get Away With Murder
– Crazy, slick, sexy. Sometimes I wonder why I am so attracted with Connor Walsh and he portrays a gay law student on the show. He is messed up but has a heart. He is insane but charming. He is all over the place but smart enough. Jack Falahee delivered a character that you root for in the series but managed to keep the mystery in his profile that pushed the series into always questioning, “Was it him, who got away with murder?”


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