The Voice Australia 4: Blind Auditions (1)

The Voice Australia is back for its season 4. It’s a bit late than the usual but I am not complaining. I hope the format changes this season but I doubt about that. Also, season 4 welcomes us with the return of coach, Delta Goodrem. Ricky Martin is also back for his second season while Jessie J is the newest addition to the coaching panel. Lastly, we have dynamic duo Madden brothers sitting for the 4th coaching panel.

Now the blind auditions starts tonight and here is how the night went.

Paris Cassar
Out Here On My Own

– Clearly, the girl’s nerves got the best of her. She was off pitch from the beginning ’til the end. I find it quite difficult to actually see if she was able to hit the right notes. But this wasn’t entirely bad, but it was not even close to good. Too young and amateurish, I guess. 4

Nicolas Duquemin

– Surprise, surprise! But just like Paris, I feel like Nicolas’ age got the best of him but on the other hand, he hits better notes than Paris. Altho for most parts, he was singing flat. Nonetheless, the woman-like (hello Adam Levine) quality in his tone is a bit surprising knowing that he is a guy. But I feel his tone chooses soem type of songs and it is not as versatile as I will hope for. 5

Chris Hoskin
Fall At Your Feet

– There’s a silky quality in his tone that I like. It’s like butter that he carefully caresses you with every single word he says. I do though find his intonation a little muddled in parts but I know Jessie could work on that. Nonetheless, this is kinda lovely. 7

Get Up, Stand Up

– Usually this kind of artist’s ticket to getting noticed is that we rarely see reggae artists in this kind of reality singing competition. And that’s a major props for Rik as he already carved a “unique” quality in him that makes him stand out. But this is also risky since expectations would be high as he is the lone one who is doing such. Nonetheless, this set off a good vibe, I can’t speak much about the pitch since reggae runs around usually on groove and lyrics. But I am not as sold as let’s say Menlik and Anita from The Voice US 7 or Kokoi Baldo of The Voice Philippines 2. 5

Gail Page
Natural Woman

– Eh. Too outdated and old-fashioned. 6


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