Movie Review: Just The Way You Are (’15 Theodore Boborol)

It’s a cliche romantic film. From the sequencing to the narrative, everything is really predictable. Nothing we haven’t seen before. Nothing that makes the film stand out. Nothing fresh. Nothing new. Boy meets girl, they don’t like each other at first. They get to know a little bit. Find commin denominator. Sob stories (not really!). Find comfort with each other. Fall in love. A little petty conflict. But you know how its ends. I mean, we could actually summarize the film in 140 characters including the “hahaha”‘s and emojis. Look, the film doesn’t entirely suck. Like what I said, it is what was expected. The good thing and probably the stand out of the film is Liza Soberano. She has some acting chops going on there. A little inconsistent but girl can act. Nonetheless, the film never really takes off and it never really put us in a believable state that the two leads have strong chemistry like what was being sold to the public eye. Given that they looked good together. I feel like they are not translating well in the big screen as “partners”. 4.5


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