The Voice Australia 4: Blind Auditions (3)

The Voice Australia 4

Wow! Three consecutive episodes for the season premiere of The Voice Australia? Of course as of now, I haven’t really saw any potential front runners that blew me right away during the auditions but I am very much hopeful.

Now, here is how the third night for Week 1 of The Voice Australia Season 4 went on.

Mikhail Laxton
My Island Home

– I am not really familiar with the song. I feel like it lacks melody or Mikhail’s performance lacks melody. Either way, I am not completely sold with it. It sounded lazy and it seems like the performance was just floating in a space where it never really hit a mark. I don’t know, I just didn’t dig it that much. 5.5

Keely Brittain
A Thousand Years

– Keely’s performance is clearly very shaky. her pitch got uneven especially when she reached the chorus. There are couple of sharp to flat notes. But this isn’t bad, technically flawed but okay. 6

Deanna Rose
Video Games

– There is something interesting with her tone that I hope will be explored during the course of the competition but her nerves in this audition made her performance all over the place. The pitch was off. There are sharp notes. It sounded weird towards the second half of the performance. But again, that tone is something. 4.5

Monty Cotton
Folson Prison Blues

– Scotty McCreery everyone? Wow that was a rich, solid tone he has but what’s more interesting is that he was able to play along with the country style to a pop quality which I would agree with Joe Madden that he can do a lot more with his voice. Not my favorite song or I think he can do better in terms of song choice but Monty has potential. 7

Peta Evans-Taylor

– This is it! I love her. Her tone reminds me so much of Kelly Clarkson. There is a pop-rock quality and variety in her that makes her compelling and a total performer. Yes, the vocals hit a couple of wobbly notes but she managed to keep the rhythm fine, her performance showed she can deliver on stage and the vocals were actually pretty nice. I like this. 8


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