The Voice Australia 4: Blind Auditions (5)

The Voice Australia 4

Blind Auditions continue. I had a couple of people who took me by surprise and I must say, looking forward on seeing their growth and potentially, hopefully give us outstanding performances.

Now let’s see how the 5th night of Blind Auditions went.

Stewart Winchester
Lay Me Down

– Wow! This was really good. It wasn’t perfect vocally but the guy just poured his heart out on that stage. It was vulnerable, emotional and great way to tell a story. He captivated me without even moving so much. Plus, I like the tone in his voice. It was sweet but not too bubblegum pop. 8

Sarah Valentine
Summertime Sadness

– I like the quirkiness on her tone. It was in the middle of haunting but pop radio. Although she was inconsistent vocally, her delivery was decent to its best. A little pitch towards the end but I digress. 7

Lize Heerman
My Baby Just Cares For Me

– This wasn’t perfect and at some point it sounded like a lounge singer than a performer. But then, there are moments where her vocals were front and center. So I’m torn but I’m excited to see what is she capable of. 6

Nathan Hawes
Hold On, We’re Going On

– It was cool, pleasant and surprisingly quirky. I think it was the crack in his voice that sounded like intentional but not really. The vocals weren’t perfect but the performance was compelling. 7.5

Grace Pitts

– Grace sounded like the usual quirky artists we have had in these reality singing competitions but there is also something charming about her. Her nerves got the best of her but she had some pretty nice moments as well. This pretty good to be honest. 7


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