Movie Review: The Gallows (’15 Travis Cluff & Chris Lofing)

It was bad, lazy and uninventive. At the end of the film, you just had to say to yourself “Do we really need another caught-on-camera-documentary kind of horror film again?”. Look, the mere fact that the film was badly written and it looked like it was half-baked crafted? We turn to the acting. And in a film where it centers on theatre students caught in a horror grim, it is so ironic how bad the actors acted as well. Sure, the film caught some glimpse of terrifiying moments which at the end I attributed to the sounds. Seriously, watching horror films in a big screen with speakers turned up to the maximum level adds that shock value! Nonetheless, I’m kinda disappointed with the film and at the same time, I kinda expected the outcome. It was yet again another horror film. 4


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