The Voice Australia 4: Blind Auditions (7)

The Voice Australia 4

It’s the final week of the blind auditions! Let’s see who else will fill up the empty slots of each team. Are we still going to see the continuation of this Jessie-Delta “shade” feud? I feel quite uncomfortable sometimes when Jessie is throwing shade to Delta. Lol.

Anyway, here is how night 7 of the blind auditions went.

Mahalate Teshome
Broken-Hearted Girl

– Woah, I never thought I would like it as much as I did after. Her nerves created some charming dynamics to her vocals but that tone alone is actually what sold me. The timing in the first verse felt a little off but once she picked up, she never really turned back. It was destination up since then.  Her vocal choices were pretty and the vocals were subdue but beautiful. 7.5

Stephen McCullock
Father & Son

– This is a decent karaoke performance. No bad notes, but there is nothing really groundbreaking. It felt more like a bar singer. It wasn’t bad, but it was mostly an average audition. 6

Jeremy Ryan
Time To Say Goodbye

– Not my cup of tea still but surprisingly it was vocally solid. But then, nothing really here says something different nor creative for me. It was again a decent opera vocals. 6

Jake Howden
Call Me Maybe

– There are nerves going on here but I liked it… a lot. There’s a quirkiness in his delivery that I personally love. It wasn’t a perfect vocal but it sounded original albeit off pitch in parts. Really nice! 7.5

Tameaka Powell

– This isn’t nothing different from the many versions of the song that we’ve seen on singing competition. Also, Tameaka sounded so close to Stevie’s voice that it felt at some point like a decent karaoke tribute. Nonetheless, her nerves somehow put a shaky quality to her gorgeous tone. But then again, this is decently passable. 6


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