Movie Review: The Break-Up Playlist (’15 Dan Villegas)

I wouldn’t go far in comparing this film to “Begin Again”. Maybe same concept, a little (or more?) reminiscent of that film but not entirely as good as “Begin Again”. Look, The Break-Up Playlist is charming at its best albeit the flawed script. It is engaging despite some narrative problems. I wish the writing was able to developed the characters in a more in depth structure, a more poignant build up. Bit for what its best, this isn’t bad. No, in terms of entertainment and how the audience could engross on the film, they’ve managed to successfully capture. I must say, Dan Villegas knows the audience and the target market of his client. Was it perfect? No. Was it good? Yes. Was it technically good? No. Is Piolo Pascual the man of your dreams? Damn, Piolo is seriously a good looking guy and a charismatic presence in big screen. Is Sarah Geronimo lived up to that level of expectation? I must say, Sarah is better in her John Lloyd films than this. Yes, in terms of the acting, Piolo and Sarah were almost there but not quite. I felt they were both holding back. I needed more nuance, more dynamics, more depth in their performance. But then again, this isn’t really a bad film. Maybe there are technical flaws but the film itself as a total is bearable at its best. 6.5


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