The Voice Australia 4: Blind Auditions (8)

The Voice Australia 4

This is the second to the last night for the blind auditions and I’m beginning to feel excited for some of my early favorites.

We are still waiting for the slots to be filled and so far, the coaches are filling their team with variety of artists.

Here is how night 8 of the blind auditions went.

James Sieff
You’ve Got A Friend In Me

– This is cute and charming. He looked like a live version of a geek Woody. Lol. Anyway, this is a decent audition. Nothing that actually showcased anything from him but I must say, for most parts, he is pitch perfect. Loved the quirks too. 6.5

Renee Pounsett

– There are parts that I like but I must agree with Jessie, there are some diction and breathing problems as well. This was fine at its best but I wish it could’ve been better. I think the nerves got her but I see potential. 6.5

Adam Spain-Mostina
Kiss Me

– Oh, he is a very good looking guy! Omg. I can’t focus. Haha. But like what the coaches have said, he actually has a pretty voice. Not a powerful or quirky one, but it was a good pop-ballad voice that is very radio friendly. He just needs to find a way to connect and sing songs that will suit him more. And learn more techniques. 6.5

Rene McGovern
The Rose

– Oh…. it was dragging. I mean, the performance didn’t go anywhere and she’s 40. The performance added more age to her and I’m afraid, even if she has this stylistic quirky vibe, she will find it hard to be relevant on the music industry if she continues singing dated, exhausting vocal performance like that. 5

Claudia Miglicaccio
How Come You Don’t Call Me

– There is power behind her sweet voice that I like. There are a couple of bum notes but I feel that Jessie would be perfect for her so she will learn more of techniques and those vocal actobatics that Jessie effortlessly does. But this was fine. 6.5

Ellie Drennan
Take It All

– Can we switch the audition with that a capella performance of “Royals”¬†instead of this song? That one was badass fantastic. While “Take it all” showed dynamics to her voice, it felt too dated but when Jessie asked her to sing something else, it was magical! That was solid. Didn’t like the audition song much. So for that, I’ll give her a 7.


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