Movie Review: Self/Less (’15 Tarsem Singh)

The film boasts an interesting premise with potential skyrocketting to infinity and beyond. To be honest, I’m kinda excited because the ideas around the film sounded and looked fantastic on paper. Unfortunately, the writing didn’t take advantage of that. There are not just a couple, but a lot of flaws when it comes to its script. And the action sequences were few that made you a little less engaged. Not that it was the turning point, but it was a scifi/thriller film that lacks thrill. Ryan Reynolds is still a charming lead and you can’t really help but drool over him. Throw also, Matthew Goode in the equation and the screen is an explosion of good looks. This wasn’t entirely bad but it misses a lot especially if you think and consider about the potential of the ideas that premise is working on the film. 5.5


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