The Voice Australia 4: Blind Auditions (9)

The Voice Australia 4

This is the final night for the blind auditions. The Madden Brothers, Delta and Ricky Martin only have 1 spot left, while Jessie J is still looking for the last 2 people that could fill up her team.

I am happy there are no awkward Jessie-Delta banters. They’re so bad at it.

Now let us see how the night went on for the last night of the Blind Auditions. I’m excited for the Battles next week.

Simi Vuata

– There are vocal choices of him that I particularly adore. He almost brought this performance to church, but he was holding back at some point. But then, he actually has a very nice voice to begin with. A little dragging when he extends the verses amd do unnecessary vocal acrobats. 7

Chantelle Morrell
I Wanna Dance With Somebody

– It’s quite a karaoke performance. Nothing much going on and her techniques weren’t as polish as I wish it could be. The vocals had potential but she needs to work really hard. This was fine, but nothing really differentiates this from the usual cover of this song. 6

Dione Baker
O Mio Babbino Caro

– This is still not my cup of tea and I hope she will not be boxed in this genre because I feel like it has a limited range of audience and market. I hope Ricky will surprise us with his work with her. Y’know, like turn a popular track into her genre. Something like that. 5

Shyjana Terzioska

– The first verse sounded divine. There is passion on her delivery that is admirable. When she breakdown at the end because of so much joy, it was magical. Of course, the vocals weren’t perfect but it wasn’t even bad to start with. If she shook off those nerves, this is golden all through out. But still a solid audition from a youngster. 7.5

Caleb Jago-Ward
Somebody To Love

– It was a bit theatrical but he has power in his voice that I think made the performance dynamic. But then again, the vocal choices were too theatrical and he hits a couple of bum notes. 6.5


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