The Voice Australia 4: Battles (2)


Here is the 2nd night of the Battle Rounds. We had a very good start. I thoroughly and genuinely enjoyed the first night of Battles. And we had some pretty good steals that happened as well.

Now onto the second night of Battles.

Fem Belling (vs) Cath Adams
Mamma Knows Best

– This was an absolute entertainment both on performance level and vocal clash. Sure, it wasn’t perfect but I didn’t mind it anyway. Cath had more solid vocals but Fem’s interesting quirky inputs draws me in. There’s dynamic in their battle that is riveting and the vocal battle felt like really a showdown and at the same time, like a duet performance. 8

RESULTS: Cath Adams wins. STEAL – Fem Belling (Team DELTA)

— –
Keely Brittain (vs) Lyndall Wennekes
Pray To God

– Keely looked uncomfortable on stage which I think what made her lose this battle. Vocally, Keely held her own. But, Lyndall actually was the beter performer. From her stage presence to the vocals, she just looked very comfortable and solid. 7

RESULTS: Lyndall Wennekes wins. NO STEAL

— –
Rene McGovern (vs) Liam Maihi
Crazy In Love

– Jessie J is nitpicking already. Lol. Haven’t she saw this version of the FSOG soundtrack and film? Oh, and Delta too didn’t know the arrangement was from that. Anyway, while the dark, sultry version somehow lessen the excitement on the stage, both Rene and Liam held their own. I must say, Liam had the better vocals. Not perfect, but decent. 7

RESULTS: Liam Maihi wins. NO STEAL

— –
Claudia Migliaccio (vs) Peta Evans Taylor
Love Me Harder

– This is too sensual for girls of their age. I mean, from the clothing to how they deliver it is like they were almost trying to hook up with someone. I must agree with Jessie this time, because of what is happening on stage and with their outfits, you get distracted and get more concerned on that aspect than on their vocals. To be honest, this isn’t really bad nor the vocals were terrible but it didn’t really put them in a pedestal of what they can show. Or I think they’ve showed it but I’m kinda distracted. 6

RESULTS: Peta Evans Taylor wins. NO STEAL

— –
Mahalate Teshome (vs) Paris Cassar

– I think it was the song choice. I feel like it didn’t really bring out anything good from the vocals of both singers. Paris had some trouble finding her pitch while Mahalate sounds good, it lacks conviction. From the vocals alone, I must say Mahalate won this hands down. 6

RESULTS: Mahalate Teshome wins. NO STEAL

— –
Caleb Jago-Ward (vs) Jo De Goldi
We Built This City

– This is entertaining at its best. The vocals weren’t perfect but it moved me and the as we can see the audience literally. It was fun, joyful and just a good old reminiscent to the classics. At some point it felt like a decent karaoke performance but halfway, I didn’t care. Caleb just needs to tone down the theatrical style of singing though. 7

RESULTS: Caleb Jago-Ward wins. NO STEAL

— –
Jason Howell (vs) Nathan Hawes
Stolen Dance

– I like this song too but I must say this is another song choice that I think wasn’t good for a battle because it was too laid back or plateaued in terms of vocal dynamics. I like Jason, he sounded fantastic here. Both hd potential. I’m happy that there is more opportunity for both of them to show what they can do. 7

RESULTS: Nathan Hawes wins. STEAL – Jason Howell (Team JESSIE)

— –
Dione Baker (vs) Jeremy Ryan

– Vocally, Dione got the better hand but Jeremy connected in a more emotional level. The high parts sounded great while the verses were inconsistent. This was a decent battle that I didn’t really thought I would find myself engaged in. 6.5

RESULTS: Dione Baker wins. NO STEAL


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