The Voice Australia 4: Battles (3)


The final night of the Battles is tonight. Both Delta and the Madden Brothers still have their one last spot for STEAL.

I’m excited for the next round. Although I am not sure what it will be as the promo has been saying a “Super Battle” which is actually vague for me. Lol. In the past, after Battles we head on to Knockouts then Showdowns before having a very short stint of Live Shows.

Now onto the series of battles for the third and final night of Battle Rounds.

Nina Baumer (vs) Nicolas Duquemin

– Woah! Nina won this battle hands down. Her voice is not just powerful but it was gorgeous. I’m glad that Nicolas held his own. I may not agree with Delta’s decision but I think it is a strategy since knowing how strong Nina is as a vocalist, the potential of steal is always there. 7

RESULTS: Nicolas Duquemin wins. STEAL – Nina Baumer (Team MADDEN)

— –
Ethan Conway (vs) Laz Chester

– The battle is uneven. While Laz took more chances during his verses with some attempt of vocal acrobats and falsetto, it wasn’t consistent. Ethan sang it decent and consistent which I think why he got the upperhand. Although, I agree, he seems to be overthinking the performance. 7

RESULTS: Ethan Conway wins. NO STEAL

— –
Lize Heerman (vs) Naomi Price
Break Free

– This is decent but felt lazy. It almost went a bit scream-ish to the point that they both managed to hit bum notes so bad. Now in terms of individual delivery, Naomi sounded more solid although that falsetto high note is trash. Lize got more spunk but her vocals were uneven. 6

RESULTS: Naomi Price wins. NO STEAL

— –
Mikhail Laxton (vs) Tameaka Powell
Hold Back The River

– Hmm. This is confusing. I didn’t think neither one of them performed to their finest. At some point, Tameaka sounded screechy and sharp. I would prefer Mikhail though. I think he sounded decent with some flat notes here and there. I don’t know, I’m not just vibing on this one. 6

RESULTS: Tameaka Powell wins. STEAL – Mikhail Laxton (Team DELTA)

— –
Chris Hoskin (vs) Ollie Kirk
A Sky Full Of Stars

– I don’t know what is the real score but for me whatever is given to you, whether you like it or not, as a performer you have to at least deliver to the best of what you can give. Obviously, these weren’t giving that. Or at least in Chris’ part. Ollie for sure got more of the groove and consistency but there is something lacking on him still. Chris, well he looked and sounded confused. 5

RESULTS: Chris Hoskin wins. NO STEAL

— –
Chantelle Morrell (vs) Renee Pounsett
Waiting All Night

– It was almost like a screaming match. It was polarizing though. Some would surely find this exciting while some might see this as over the top. I think there are moments here although I am missing on the dynamics. Nonetheless, this is a decent battle for me. Chantelle, I think got the better delivery but Renee got the better vocals. 6.5

RESULTS: Renee Pounsett wins. NO STEAL

— –
Stephen McCulloch (vs) James Sieff
Feels Like Home

– This was sweet at its best but occasionally lazy. Stephen got the upperhand in terms of vocals while James quirky inflections were interesting but inconsistent as well. So yeah. 6.5

RESULTS: Stephen McCulloch wins. NO STEAL

— –
Mark Stefanoff (vs) Tim McCallum
The Impossible Dream

– On an emotional stand point, both gave genuine and solid emotional performance with Tim exuding so much passion through his voice. Mark though occasionally still showing that theatrical practices, he connected with material quite well too. On the vocals, Marl sounded better but Tim had more consistent notes. Both hit a couple of bum notes but both held their own as well. Tough choice. 6.5

RESULTS: Tim McCallum wins. NO STEAL


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