Movie Review: Pixels (’15 Chris Columbus)

It took me quite a while before I could finally release some sensible words after watching the film. Pixels is a…… interesting film. Okay, I’m back at rumbling and jumbling words in my mind to utter. Look, I wanted to be more engaged with the film but the clear lack of coherence – both visually and story wise – is giving me a hard time to actually be more into it. The film wasn’t awful but it wasn’t good as well. In fact, it wasn’t for me even reached the okay status. It was dumb at times but there are funny bits. It was pointless most of the time but it manages to make you like it at some parts. The film is an up and down ride of wanting to punch whoever is behind and in front of the film and to actually feel like you wanted to like it. To be honest, for me, the film was blah… unfortunately. 3.5


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