Movie Review: Paper Towns (’15 Jake Schreier)

If you have read the book, the mere fact that such story will be interpreted through film is an exciting idea because the book itself is engaging and lovely. But the problem with movie adaptation of books usually lies on the amount of memorable events on the book that were cut/not considered for the film that makes it lackluster. Look, the book was engrossing. The film was fine. But the movie adaptation itself is lukewarm. Obviously there were flaws on the script and even if the lead stars – Nat Wolff and Cara Delevigne – were a delightful on screen partners, the narrative itself lacks juice. Not that it was bad, it wasn’t. It was entertaining at its best. As a film alone, this is a decent showing! I laughed, I’m excited, it felt fresh, stylistic, but it also felt like the whole film was catered for let’s say 13 year old. It lacks depth for me. Some sequences don’t make sense but it made sense. If that makes sense at all. Nonetheless, this is still a pretty, solid film as a film. But as a film adaptation, it is an underwhelming one. But then again, I will recommend it as a film itself in mind. It is seriously an entertaining piece. 6.5


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