The Voice Australia 4: Live Shows – Top 16

And we’re now finally here at the live shows. 16 artists will battle it out to win this season’s The Voice Australia champion. Adam Lambert performed tonight! He is a really dynamic artist on stage.

So all of the artists will perform tonight. Each coach will choose 1 from their team to instantly move forward to next week’s live show and the other three will be determined by the public’s vote. Yup, the coaches’ got so much power in this competition.

Nevertheless, here is how the teams went down tonight.


Scott Newnham
Cry Me A River

– Scott continuously impresses me. Look, sure he butchered the falsetto part of the song but for most part of this is really good. The vocals weren’t perfect but it was compelling. The transition of the vocals put a quiet confidence in him that worked so well with the overall performance. If not for that bad notes, this would be a solid performance from him. 7

Liam Maihi
Let It Go

– Liam provided dynamics and grit on this James Bay song that I in particular love. It was tastefully done. The grit wasn’t too much but it did gave texture with the song that is a contrast from the original. 7.5

Naomi Price
Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

– Whatever happened? Naomi captaivated me from beginning to the end. There is nuanced to her verses that is simply lovely and the vocals soared pretty. Altho, it took awhile before it took off and when it happened it was almost the end. 7

Gail Page
You Don’t Own Me

– The vocals here were almost flawless but the overall performance was just too dated for my taste. I mean, in the vocal point of view, this is all sorts of impressive but as a stand alone performance, the delivery is old fashioned. 6


— –

Ellie Drennan

– Ellie was awesome. Her vocal choices were on point and the vocals sounded great. She has this quiet confidence on her that is riveting and the overall performance is solid. Great job! 7.5

Cath Adams

– There are really bum notes in here especially when she tried to reach those big notes. This is also a decent karaoke performance. Not bad but not really good. 6

Simi Vuata
This Woman’s Work

– The man who just need to have those runs even if they are unnecessary. The vocals suffered here because of his vocal acrobats. He tried to do alot. 5

Amber Nichols

– Woah. Team Jessie prior this live shows has been very strong but then Jessie’s choices to take on the live show were both buffling and left me confused. But it’s her choice. Simi, Cath and even Amber, I just didn’t get it when she had better singers than these three. With Amber, it was a struggle vocally. She was just over the place and vocals were a mess. This isn’t good. 4


— –

One More Night

– This is how weak Delta’s team is because her best performer gave a refreshing but inconsistent performance tonight. Rik won me points over because of the reggae spin on this Maroon 5 hit. It was smart and very him. But I missed the pitch and melody at some point. It was too plateaued. But then again, what a risk. 6.5

Nicolas Duquemin

– Ooops. There are really bad notes going here. A couple of pitch problems, sharp notes and flat ones too. Also the tentative movements on stage didn’t help. I don’t know. It was just a messy vocal performance. 4

Caleb Jago-Ward
Start Again

– Decent but forgettable. 6

Lyndall Wennekes

– It was a nice idea to challenge her but it was a very wrong song choice. It was just a karaoke, unnatural performance from Lyndall. The vocals weren’t good. The delivery is quite weird. I don’t know. I just didn’t get the overall of it. 6


— –

Joe Moore
The Blower’s Daughter

– Fantastic! Emotional, stunning, riveting! I am moved. Well done Joe! 9

Tameaka Powell
Sin Wagon

– Eh. Typical country performance. Her voice is quite thin here too. 5

Peta Evans-Taylor
Bring Me Some Water

– Woah! Where did this came from? Even though her phrasing is quite muddled, there is no denying that this was her best performance to date. It was confident, strong and I must say a gorgeous performance. 7

Nathan Hawes
Shake It Off

– Hm. The performance is quite polarizing. The arrangement is also too changed that it almost got unrecognizable. There are shining parts but I don’t know, I didn’t really connect with this one. 5



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