On TV: One Direction performs “Drag Me Down” on GMA

They are truly the biggest and most successful boyband in the world right now. Zayn is not even missed when 1D is now just a foursome. Seriously, this is catchy!

One Direction dropped by Good Morning America (GMA) today to perform, for the first time, their newest single “Drag Me Down” and the crowd goes wild and it is such a bigbcrowd that filled Central Park in New York!

The track showcased a different tune from the band. I must say, this is more likely in the lane of Maroon 5 in terms of vibe and sound but I am not complaining because this is somewhat something new from the boys especially after some hurricane of news (Louis will be a dad, Liam is engaged, Zayn quits, Zayn goes solo and now with RCA, Possible hiatus after 5th album, Harry’s hair is still ridiculous, Niall is well… Niall)

Go check out their performance below:

I love Liiiiiammmm!!! But throw that hat away please. Yay!


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