Movie Review: Southpaw (’15 Antoine Fuqua)

One thing that Southpaw could be really proud of is that the cast is simply stellar, in particular the ever edgy and reliable Jake Gyllenhaal. The way he delivered his character as Billy Hope is outstanding. He is layered and very nuanced. And if so, he could respectfully score a nod on future award giving bodies. Also, he is really ripped here and he looks dirty sexy good even with those bruises. Nonetheless, here is why Southpaw was decent but could be better in totality. Even if the cast brought the intensity, emotional and engaging performances, the film was quite emotional generic. There’s depth but not going deep down there. The writing was fine but it never really lives up to the potential of it. But then again, the film has such emotions to ride on. You feel it, you embrace it, you cherish it and it is all because of the performances of the cast. 7


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