The Voice Australia 4: Live Shows – Top 12

With 4 people (1 from each team) got a free pass to this week live shows, 2 were saved by public’s vote and 1 will be bidding goodbye.

Just like last week and every other season of this franchise, the coaches’ had so much power having the luxury to save yet another 1 artist from their team for an instant save for next week’s Top 8 Live Shows.

How did the night went? Let’s see..


Simi Vuata
Land Of 1000 Dances

– Energetic, entertaining and solid. It seems like this is the kind of music Simi should consider taking. It suits him well. Now, I want him to try sing Bruno Mars’ Runaway Baby. If we could lessen the cheesy stage antics then this could’ve been golden. But still a solid job. 7

Amber Nichols
Big Girls Cry

– There’s something vulnerable in every performance of Amber. She managed to wrap herself around the material and simply caress every fiber of the verses with so much emotions. This is a solid performance from her again. 7

Ellie Drennan
Lean On

– Lovely! I’m a fan. Her vocal choices were spot on. The liberties she took were flawless and her phrasing is nice. The gorgeous vocals here were also something to admire for. 8


— –

I Shot The Sheriff

– The way he faithfully stays true to his genre is admirable but he needs to work on his technicals. As much as he spins this song to reggae, his monotonous tone all through out somehow made this performance underwhelming. 6

Caleb Jago-Ward
Shut Up And Dance

– I’m so half hearted about this to be honest. His energy is infectious and the song suited him so well but the overall delivery is too theatrical, too studied. It’s like every move and vocal liberties he tooks were in a count of 1-2-3. 6.5

Lyndall Wennekes
Like I’m Gonna Lose You

– This is a big improvement from last week’s karaoke performance. Her vocals shine better here. The phrasing though is a bit muddled. But I kike this. 7

DELTA’s INSTANT SAVE: Lyndall Wennekes

— –

Naomi Price
Too Darn Hot

– It was a nice contrast from last week. But the vocals were still so good! The stage presence was there and Naomi was just exuding with so much confidence and swag. Lovely. Now, I want her to take something current because that would give us the benefit that she can be current and has a place in the market of music today. 7.5

Liam Maihi
Love Me Again

– Strong! There’s energy in his delivery that I like. The first half is glorious and the second half seals it well. It was dynamic, solid and vocally beautiful! 7.5

Gail Page
Strange Fruit

– First 5 seconds, I am already bored. Halfway, I fell asleep. Gail, this is too dated for my taste. 4


— –

Nathan Hawes
Only Love

– Nathan is a polarizing indie pop singer. Sure, last week had me in a weird like/like not situation but he is consistently good! His vocals, flawless! His authenticity is spot on. This is yet again another strong showing from Nathan! 7.5

Joe Moore

– Joe is a pro. He is very much comfortable on stage and he makes the most out of his material. This is yet again another solid, consistent performance from Joe. Great job! 7.5

Peta Evans-Taylor
All By Myself

– Where did this Peta came from? This is another decent showing from her and I was ready to write her off in the competition but she really is proving herself. Altho, Peta is stacked in a strong team that could lead to her early demise on the competition. Look, the song is way too big for her and when she tried to sing those big notes, her voice cracked! But what makes this beautiful is her quiet moments. It was a lovely vocal during those restraint that she showed. 7



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