The Voice Australia 4: Live Shows – Top 6 (Semi-Finals)

And we’re down to 6. The semi-finalist were revealed and I got it right with Naomi Price (Team Ricky) and Nathan Hawes (Team Madden) getting the final two slots for semi-finals. That means, Simi Vuata (Team Jessie) and Caleb Jago-Ward (Team Delta) got the lowest votes from public and are eliminated prior to the performances of final 6.

Tonight, the 6 artists are battling it out on who will make it to next week’s finale. Only 4 are instantly chosen by public. My bets? Nathan Hawes & Joe Moore (Team Madden), Ellie Drennan (Team Jessie) and Naomi Price (Team Ricky) are the ones moving forward. I hope I’m right!

Here’s how the top 6 performances went and the results after the ranking.

Lyndall Wennekes
Hold My Hand
[Team DELTA]

– Finally! I have been waiting from Lyndall to have a breakout performance like this. She took a lot of liberties with her vocal choices, the vocals were almost pitch perfect and the overall performance felt passionate and beautiful. A little scream-ish in parts but I digress. 7.5

Nathan Hawes
Fire & The Flood

– Beautiful at its best. This is a good pick up from the mess of last week’s performance. Sure there are still vocal issues here and then but Nathan showed a lot improvements technically and he connected well with the material. Pretty good! 7.5

Ellie Drennan
I Kissed A Girl

– Go girl! Ellie won it for me tonight! This was exciting, fresh and her vocals were gorgeous. The arrangement suited her. It wasn’t too polarizing but it was artistic and stylish. The vocal choices created dynamics and her the phrasing is pretty! So good! 8.5

Naomi Price
The House Is Not A Home
[Team RICKY]

– Vocals were as usual great. But it felt like a lounge or pageant performance than something she did like during “Don’t cry for me Argentina”. I don’t know, there is something disconnected here. But again, the vocals sounded great! 7

Liam Maihi
Never Tear Us
[Team RICKY]

– The vocals here is probably one of his best but the totality of the performance is almost on the verge of blandness. I find his vocals pretty good but the liberties were not as dynamic as I wish it would be. At the end of the night, I almost forgot about this performance which is a no-no in singing reality shows. 7

Joe Moore
Last Request

– Beautiful! Simple. Controlled. Amazing! Joe’s on his way to taking this season’s crown but he has a tough competition in Ellie Drennan and Nathan Hawes. But this is really good! The vocals were layered. The arrangement is simple but full of dynamics. Amazing! 8


FINALISTS (Public’s Votes)
Ellie Drennan (Team JESSIE)
Joe Moore (Team MADDEN)
Liam Maihi (Team RICKY)
Nathan Hawes (Team MADDEN)

Naomi Price (Team RICKY)
Lyndall Wennekes (Team DELTA)


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