Cover: Julie Anne San Jose – Hotline Bling

Check out this new cover from Julie Anne San Jose. She’s been known for doing some home covers before that she effortlessly nail really good. This time, Julie Anne took the Drake route and did an acoustic take on the song. The guitar riffs sounded fine but the vocals were actually spot on. Her delicate phrasing and pitch perfect delivery were divine. This could give the Sam Smith version a good run for the best cover of the song to date.



New Track: Disclosure (ft. Lorde) – Magnets

Listen to this collaboration of Disclosure and Lorde. I am already obssessed with this song. Lorde sounded gorgeous, as usual. The track is also very radio friendly so I wouldn’t be surprised if it will soon score radio airplays.

Check out the video and track below:

The Voice 9: Blind Auditions (3)

The Voice Season 9

Part 3 of the Blind Auditions and so far we have a lot of country artists no? Also, I still don’t have that specific one to root for but I must say, there are a couple of good auditions already. But yeah, I am still waiting for that “wow” moment.

Gwen looks more comfortable now that her first time on the red chair. Adam still looks so handsome, I can’t even.

Check out the artists that made it to tonight’s episode.

Morgan Frazier
I Want You To Want Me


– She sounded too country generic. Her tone, her phrasing, the way she delivered it like a competent karaoke version. 6

Amanda Ayala
Mississippi Queen


– I find her phrasing quite nasally. There are parts that were rough but she had a good stage command. 5

Jeffrey Austin
Lay Me Down


– There’s richness in his tone that I like. The way he phrased the verses sounded beautiful. His vocals were solid and quite impressive. 7.5

Lyndsey Elm
Lips Are Movin’


– Fantastic arrangement. Great vocals. Wonderful phrasing. 7.5

Manny Cabo
Here I Go Again


– While I find his high registers uneven, there are parts of this performance that were impressive. His pitch was solid; His vocals sounded strong. 6.5

Madi Davis
It’s Too Late


– The quirky tone of her voice matched the way she delivered her audition. The vocals were compelling enough to make it actually an interesting and lovely audition. It wasn’t perfecf but I am interested. 7.5

Chris Crump
Thinking Out Loud


– Chris delivered a very competent version of this Ed Sheeran’s hit. He sounded great and his vocals were so smooth and lovely. More so, there is a quiet charm to him that is very appealing. 7.5

Tyler Dickerson
Hard To Handle


– I must say, Tyler delivered a solid take on the song. And with those rapid fire delivery of the lyrics, I’m impressed on how well he was able to sing them with so much clarity. He also does have a great stage command. 7

Jubal & Amanda
Seven Bridges Road


– Except for that cheesy proposal in the end, to be honest, Jubak and Amanda’s vocals were all over the place. Their harmonies sounded terrible and yhe individual verses were off key. I don’t know, it just didn’t really work for me. 3

On TV: Fifth Harmony on The Late Late Show w/ James Corden

Fifth Harmony just wrapped up their Summer Tour recently and are preparing for their European Tour. They are also busy recording for their sophomore album and doing some tv and radio visits to promote their newest single, the theme song of Hotel Transylvania 2 which was out 2 days ago.

This is Fifth Harmony sporting those gorgeous red coats and some sexy halloween attire underneath. They performed “I’m in love with a monster” on The Late Late Show w/ James Corden. The backtrack of this performance overpowers the girls’ voices. Ugh. But still, they pulled this one out of the park.

Check out their performance below:

Movie Review: Everest (’15 Baltasar Kormákur)

Everest is visually splendid. The cinematography is top notch and the scenery is just breathtaking. That is like the biggest golden factor of the film that it can be proud of. The phase though is a bit boring, if not bland. The most exciting parts weren’t enough but it sure has those moments of “wow” and thrill. Jake Gyllenhaal is still good but for me, his performance is not as good as his other performance which is from Southpaw. Jason Clarke is surprisingly good as the lead. The entire supporting cast were superb too especially Keira Knightly, Robin Wright, Emily Watson and Josh Brolin. I sure think that they took the acting spotlight away from Jake. All in all, even with a film that almost bore you still managed to pull fantastic visuals and performances from its actors and actresses. 6.5

X Factor Australia 7: Judges’ Choice (Top 12)

X Factor Australia is now on its seventh (7th)  season and for 3 years, I actually enjoyed covering and watching this franchise.

Coming from a two week auditions, boot camp and super home visits, I must say that this is a solid and strong Top 12 we have. Not to mention, even those who didn’t make the live shows were pretty compelling.

For the first (1st) live shows, the theme is Judges’ Choice or simply let your artist whatever the heck you like them to sing. Lol.

While I thought this is still a solid top 12, I find them either not in their element tonight or the mentor’s screw them up with song choices.

Now let us rank the top 12.

12. BIG T


– For starter, I find the song choice odd. I like Big T but this performance is really bad. From the over the top vocals to the awful wardrobe, I just missed – in Harry Connick Jr.’s words – his gravy. It just didn’t really anything but give us a big bang of brouhaha. 3

Spectrum (Say My Name)


– I don’t know if she could hear herself or I am just missing what the judges’ heard from her but I feel like the whole performance is screechy and all over the place. Her pitch was off, the vocals were grating. 3



– I know they have potential coming in but this is just the wrong song choice for them. It didn’t really bring anything from them and the vocals were really shaky and uneven. 3

Wildest Dreams


– Sure, she sounded really on point but her stage presence is awful. She looked really rehearsed and at some point very awkward. The vocals then suddenly faltered and became sleepy. 3.5

Somebody To Love


– I’ve heard better versions of this and I don’t know, I just didn’t really feel connected with this. Louise sounded like she was trying so hard, but the overall delivery felt more like a decent karaoke version. 4

Long Train Running


– Cheesy, corny and all in all karaoke. The song choice didn’t really bring anything exciting for Jimmy. Sure, he made the most out of it and his vocals were mostly spot on. 4.5

Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby


– The song choice itself is odd for her. I love how she transformed from that shy girl to a more comfortable artist on stage (see that Michaela?) but this was just blah. 5

Hold My Hand


– Georgia sounded nice in most parts but her performance is really forgettable. 5.5

This Love


– At first, I am not really sure if I like this or not. Dan stayed faithful with the original in most parts but his added inflections created new layers for the performance. The vocals were uneven but I did like some of his pretty vocal moments. 6.5

Can’t Feel My Face


– Great production. Awesome stage presence. Weak vocals. I feel like the band or the backtrack overpowered them in some parts. Nonetheless, they did a really good job tonight. 7

Heart Of Glass


– I like that they let Jess shine tonight. Usually, it was Matt who is holding the couple in terms of performance. Matt provided a fantastic support while allowing Jess to deliver a decent vocal. The vocals were not perfect but when they sang together, they actually sounded divine. 7



– Solid. Cyrus sounded really good albeit the rhythm quite tricky. His pitch was nice. His vocals were gorgeous. His added grit and falsettos were wonderful too. Lovely take on this Justin Bieber hit. 7.5

Cover: Pentatonix – Where Are Ü Now

The quintet of Pentatonix released their newest cover video. This time they took on Justin Bieber’s Where Are Ü Now which is Bieber’s collaboration with Skrillex & Diplo. I think this will be officially part of their up and coming album.

This is really good. The vocals were on fleek and the harmonies sounded divine. Lovely.

Check out their cover below: