X Factor UK 12: Auditions (4)

X Factor UK 12

Last night’s auditions were a big underwhelming which is such a shame since the first two (2) nights were really good.

Here’s to hoping that tonight’s auditionees were far better.

Jasmine Leigh MorrisClown
– This is a lovely vocals and some of the liberties she took were surprisingly gorgeous. Good start. 7

Max StoneNo Woman, No Cry
– Max had some bright spots here that I like. The texture in his voice provided some dynamics to this Bob Marley hit. 7

EbruWhat I Did For Love
– Solid vocals and the richness to it made her audition compelling. 7

Sharon RoseI’m Every Woman
– Sharon worked the stage pretty well. The vocals were uneven and became quite too loud in parts. 6

Che ChestermenWho You Are
– Shaky start. Nice vocals in the verses. Too shouty towards the end. I find those overdone high registers unnecessary. 5.5

Karen MavSilver Silk
– She had so much sass on stage. But the vocals were quite pitchy in parts. 6

Laura JohnsonNatural Woman
– Woah! I didn’t expect this. While the song choice and delivery is nothing like we have seen before, there is no denying she sounded pretty nice. 6.5

Jordan Luke GageSee You Again
– The song choice complimented his voice. There are parts that were shaky but I kind of like the raw quality to this. 7

Tonatha RaihanWork It Out
– Great stage presence but there is no vocal control. 6

Hannah Marie KilminsterSomebody To Love
– Big voice but I feel like the song is too big for her too. It was shaky at parts but she held her own. 6.5

Anton StephansI Am Changing
– Great stuff! The runs were a bit overdone but man Anton is beasting this easily. Plus, Ilove how they didn’t milk much on his backstory even if that’s a great storyline for him. 7


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