X Factor Australia 7: Auditions (2)

X Factor Australia 7

Night 2 of the auditions and the new season of this X Factor franchise is off to a good start: Last night, we saw some pretty good talents so I am hoping tonight will give us more.

Now on to the show.

Cyrus Villanueva Earned It
– This was a fantastic acoustic take on The Weeknd’s hit. It was smooth, sexy, gritty and gorgeously delivered. Cyrus’ vocal choices were lovely too. 8

Georgia Denton Beautiful Disaster
– While I wish she slowed it down more, there is no denying that Georgia sang the beauty out of this Kelly Clarkson song. Her phrasing was lovely. Her tone is impeccable and the pitch is simply impeccable. 7

Jimmy Davis – Oh Darlin’
– Gritty and range-y. I didn’t expect Jimmy to pull a textured acoustic cover of this Beatles’ song. 7

Lazy J & Big Guy – I’m Not The Only One
– These duo lacks passion and push. Seriously, their audition is too laid back almost uninspired and I could see why the judges were somewhat unsure with them. The rap part was nice and the singing was uneven. 5

Shannon Hancock – All I Want
– There’s a richness to her tone that worked with song. She started shaky but once she had her groove and the performance progressed, it got better and it was really good. 7

Dan Hamill – The Way You Make Me Feel
– Nothing really groundbreaking here because I believe we see such thing in some musicians of today (Michael Buble, Postmodern Jukebox, et. al) but what I like with Dan is that there is a quiet confidence in him that is charming. And he can really sing! He has a gorgeous tone and a lovely phrasing. 7

Mama Julz Disco Inferno
– Decent karaoke version. Next. 5.5

Michaela Baranov – My Love
– Her style is too pageant-y. The vocals were shaky but the connection to the material is undeniably impeccable. I wish for a stronger vocals but I digress. 6.5

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