X Factor UK 12: Auditions (5)

X Factor UK 12

It’s week 3 of the auditions for the season 12 of X Factor UK. The first week delivered pretty good auditions while week 2 is a mixed bag for me. Now what will week 3 bring to the table.

Rita Ora, Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Nick Grimshaw are doing a good job in the panel by the way. They had some pretty nice chemistry going on despite some questionable “Yeses” that they have given.

Now let’s see how night 5 of the auditions went.

Davide PapasideroRespect
– Yes he is unique but he wasn’t a ble to carry a tune and personally I find his delivery of this Aretha Franklin hit a disaster. That was overwrought with so much off key moments. 3

Alex BoyeHappy
– He can sing and he was a ble to work the stage and the audience quite well. The vocals were pretty nice. 6

Rock and RoseHeaven
– I wonder if the guy who plays guitar can sing or this duo would mean the guy is just guitar playing while the girl is singing. Rose (the girl) can actually sing and she has an interesting mix of pop and indie quality on her voice. She’s too raw though but she could go a long way as a solo artist too. 6.5

Jade McGuireChains
– This was at its best – decent – but not that memorable. In which I had to rewatch her audition so I could remember what her audition is. 6

BEKLNHold Back The River
– Pretty nice! Athough I wonder where is the soul in this audition when I find their performance more on pop with a touch of vocal acrobats towards the end to make it like R&B. 6.5

Silver ToneCan’t Give Up Now/Bridge Over Troubled Water
– Nice harmonies! I’m glad the judges gave them another chance. This was far better than “Rather be” and they were in their elements. Even the liberties they took were simple and nice. 7

Charli BeardA Change Is Gonna Come
– Big voice coming from a sweetheart! This is pretty and her big voice is really rich. A little polishing and I think this girl would be a dark horse. 7

Vicki-Ann NashShow Me Love
– This audition is decent. She really can sing and her experience is showing here quite well. But then, this audition is quite forgettable. 6

Rumour Has ItNo Diggity
– They were previously solo artists grouped together last season and now they are back, minus the other two girls and I don’t know why. This is good! They had some individual interesting stuff going on. Plus, the 1 year experience somehow helped them a lot! 7

Monica MichaelImpossible
– She was also one of the contestants that got cut off in the 6-chair challenge round. Monica can sing and it shows here! I think that “no” from last season made her tougher, better and stronger. This is quite good and better than collectively of her performances last season. So, let’s see if Monica would go far this season. 6.5


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