X Factor Australia 7: Auditions (3)

X Factor Australia 7

From the get go, my initial thought about Chris Isaak is that he will be like Simon Cowell or Howard Stern but that is like completely different from what he is showing on the show. That guy is sweet and funny. Haha.

I am surprised on how the chemistry between the new panel is working out. There are a couple of awkward to lame moments but I digress. Guy Sebastian is a bit… interesting while James Blunt just can’t really keep that smile away from his face. Lol.

Now let us see who were featured on night 3 of the auditions round.

Emilia Kelberg Shelter
– The haunting quality to her voice is enchanting. It’s like a lullaby and at the same time there is something ghostly. The vocals were not perfect but it is something different and interesting. 7

Panda Let It Be
– He is so adorable! Panda is such a joy and a ray of positivity. He sings quite decent too. Although, there are some off key parts, I just really didn’t care. 6.5

Louise Adams – Feeling Good
– She has quite a range! Her voice is quite powerful and she was able to deliver a solid version of the song. 6.5

Jenny Denny – Your Song
– Her take is most likely the same version of that of Ellie Goulding’s. She actually has that quality on her voice that reminds me of Ellie. While her delivery isn’t perfect, she is quite an interesting piece for the show. Her quirky personality and interesting tone could be a perfect mix for diversity. 6.5

Aaron Taylor – Rise Like A Phoenix
– Solid vocals and for Aaron to take this Eurovision winning song, I must say he is brave. There are parts that felt screamish but for most, it was actually a good vocal performance. 7


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