X Factor Australia 7: Auditions (5)

X Factor Australia 7

This is the last episode of the auditions for the 7th season of X Factor Australia. So far, we are stacked with so much talent this season. Will tonight’s last episode show us even more and great talents?

Here are the people featured on the episode that made it.

Isaiah Firebrace It Will Rain
– The vocals sounded a little thin for me or was it a bit uneven in parts? There are bright moments but not really as solid as I wished it would have been. 6

The Fisher Boys Jealous
– What a surprise! There is something fresh about them that makes me excited. It seems like these boys could do varieties in this competition that will change the tempo of the show every now and then. Plus, they actually sounded pretty good! 7.5

Father Rob Galea – Don’t You Worry Child
– Who would’ve thought. This is the case of I expected it but not really, if that makes any sense. The vocals were solid and Rob’s tone actually is pretty. 7

Melanie Driver River Deep, Mountain High
– She started shaky but she picked up towards the end. Although she became too screamish that I feel like it was her way to deviate most of her pitch issues and off key moments. 5

Gazele Best Of My Love
– Energetic, fun and entertaining! Vocals were solid too. 7

Davey Denis – She Wants To Move
– Eh. Not interested. Meh. 3

Finnin – Ho Hey
– Strong harmonies. Beautiful tone! Lovely vocals. 7


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