X Factor UK 12: Auditions (6)

X Factor UK 12

Night 6 of Auditions and I feel quite tired already. Lol. I can’t wait to move forward to the next stage of competition because I feel like the auditions are taking forever already.

Okay, now on to those who made it to tonight’s episode.

Havva RebkeMasterpiece
– Interesting rich tone. Weird phrasing. Strong vocals all in all. 7

PYTGotta Work
– Uneven vocals and no solid harmonies but they sounded pretty nice in parts. They are in a tight number of competition in terms of girl groups this season. 6

Calypso LarrazetMommy
– Her voice is quite range-y. Although she lacks strong stage command. Interesting tone as well.  6.5

Katie ColemanBreak Free
– An acoustic take on this EDM pop song of Ariana Grande hit brings out a lot of emotions that the song had. Surprisingly, Katie worked with her material so well and she was well connected that you could “feel” her. Vocals were also good albeit uneven sometimes. 7

Neneth LyonsSomewhere
– Shaky beginning but once she picked up, she never looked back! Technically great, vocally impressive, overall a bit outdated. 7

Brodie KellyHey There Delilah
– Charismatic and very marketable. Decent voice. 6.5

Ben ClarkHere Without You
– Too close to the original. Eh. 6

Sunday ClubToo Close
– I don’t know if I want to take them seriously or not. Vocally not even bad nor that great. So-so. 6

Joe WallerStay
– For an original song, this is quite hook free. Decent voice but not that memorable. 6

Kiera WeathersWe Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off
– Vocals were nice. Uneven in some parts but she has a strong stage presence. 7

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