X Factor UK 12: Auditions (7)

X Factor UK 12

Final night of auditions and boot camp will start tomorrow! Yay, finally. Are we going to see more impressive or underwhelming auditions tonight? We will see. From their count, there are 180 people who made it to the next stage.

Now, let us see who among from tonight’s auditions are added to that 180 people.

Megan DallasWaterfalls
– The acoustic take is a refreshing one for the song. Though, the rap part felt a bit rush, her voice sounded really nice. I like this. 7

Kerrie-Anne PhillipsWe Found Love
– Too stylished take on the song but I think she has a nice voice. 6

Lucy Duffield If I Ain’t Got You/I Have Nothing
– The first song was decent, the second thought tired is better. But what I like about Lucy the most is that she had this raw and rich tone that is backed up with immense quality of range. 6.5

Nige & KayUp
– Nige is a favorite of mine. That dude has a nice voice. And he is very charismatic. Kay could sing too, although I feel like Nige overshadowed her unintentionally. 7

LouelOne Last Time
– This is the opposite of Nige and Kay because in this tandem, El sounded better than Lou. She has this nice tone to her that I think overpowers the guy and the guy is finding it hard to meet his pitch. 6

The ShuresLove Me Like You Do
– Eh. I agree with Simon, Gabriel is the better singer but the whole thing is uneven for me. I don’t know, they looked lovely together but the singing didn’t work for me. 5

Andy TaylorShut Up & Dance
– Haha the judges stole the thunder for the poor guy. Man, he was trying to do his best in singing but all eyes were in to the naughty judges. He is so-so. So yeah. 5

Anton BanaghanBudapest
– Raw and has potential but the antics went too much for me. It was bordering more on trying to impress than actually making an impressive delivery. 6

Ollie MarlandI’m Your Man
– Nice voice and marketable, but completely forgettable. 6.5

Joseph McCaulA Change Is Gonna Come/I Wanna Dance With Somebody
– Decent but dated. Even the slowed down Whitney Houston song he did felt old fashioned. 6

Menn On PointTurn It Up
– Not feeling it! I feel like they are entertaining as entertainers but as singers, they lack that technicality. 6

Sherilyn Hamilton ShawI Didn’t Know My Own Strength
– Sob story and then Cheryl cried her eyes out. But to be fair, she sounded pretty nice. It wasn’t perfect but there is vulnerability to it that created dynamics to a song that felt dated on its second half. 6.5


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