X Factor Australia 7: 5 Seat Challenge (Over 25s)

X Factor Australia 7: 5 seat Challenge

On to the next and it is judge James Blunt who will make his life miserable in dwindling down his category into 5. I mean, how, why, when, where.. definitely at the end of the episode he will make tough decisions.

But who really made it? Check them out.

1. Dan Hamill
Take Me To Church

– Woah! I didn’t expect this to sound so good from Dan. I knew he can sing but this is a different side of him. His vocals were strong and the tone of his voice is just lovely. 7.5

2. Louise Adams
Sugar Man

– It is a bit forgettable for me. But then Louise’s vocals were still as solid as it is. 7

3. Roshani Priddis
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You

– I feel like the song choice was quite uneven for me. Her voice was sloppy in parts but there are moments here that sounded really good. 6.5

4. Gazele
Uptown Funk

– Energetic, solid vocals, fun. Gazele is the missing piece in making this competition even more exciting. 7

5. Natalie Conway
Good Luck

– Too much vocal acrobats but I must say she sounded really good here. Way better than her audition. 7


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