X Factor Australia 7: 5 Seat Challenge (Groups)

X Factor Australia 7: 5 seat Challenge

Guy Sebastian mentors these strong variety of Groups and I couldn’t even imagine how he will choose his final 3 artists eventually. Nonetheless, we had a strong showing from all of these groups that made it to the Super Home Visits.

Check them out.

1. Jess & Matt
Say Something

– Gorgeous! The harmonies sounded divine. The individual parts sounded lovely. 8

2. Fisher Boys

– Fun and entertaining. Fisher Boys were meant to perform and not to forget, the actually sounded quite good. 7

3. In Stereo
Steal My Girl

– This was a bit uneven for me. They were better during the auditions but still these trio had so much potential and I could see a growth arc for them if they reach the live shows. 6.5

4. Paris Inc.
Pretty Hurts

– The harmonies were tight as ever. The beginning is shaky, the middle is good, the end is outstanding. 7

5. Lazy J & Big Guy
That Thing

– This is way better than their audition piece. The verses sounded great. There is a semi-“want” vibe from them. There are pitch issues here and there but it still was better. 6.5


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