X Factor Australia 7: 5 Seat Challenge (Under 25 Girls)

Last day of Boot Camp and the grueling 5 Seat Challenge will wrap up tonight with judge Dannii Minogue making her decisions on who will be her top (5) Under 25 Girls that she will take on the Super Home Visits tomorrow night.

This will be difficult for I think one of the strongest category all in all this season is the girls and even if the season is stacked with so much talent, I can’t even think of who will make it.

But Dannii made her decision and here they are.

1. Mahalia Simpson
Young & Beautiful

– I just love her tone. And there is something unassuming with her that made her strong nuances and lovely tone front and center. 7.5

2. Maddison Milewski

– I am quite disappointed to be honest but there is no denying that she is one of the biggest voices on this category. I feel like she went too stretched with this Katy Perry song that during the high register of the song, she sounded shaky. Nonetheless, this is still vocally good. 6.5

3. Georgia Denton
Fight Song

– Decent and she really has this range that she just needs to learn how to control. Lovely vocals in parts, could’ve been stronger but I digress. 7

4. Michaela Baranov

– A slowed down version of this Cher song allowed us to listen on how Michaela carefully released the beauty in her tone. Sure, it is a bit dragging as it was too slowed down but her voice was front and center. This I think is stronger than her audition. 7

5. Emilia Kelberg
I Will Follow You Into The Dark

– To sing a Death Cab for Cutie and she’s a girl under 25 on a reality singing competition gave her plus points in my book. But other than that, really her haunting, almost melancholic quality on her voice provided a distinct personality and strength that made her stand out in this season. She also sounded pretty nice. No wonder she got that seat. 7


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