The Voice 9: Blind Auditions (1)

The Voice is back and I can’t believe we are into its 9th season already. Like. What?! Haha. This show needs a break especially for Blake and Adam. Haha. But then again after a recent EMMY win, still soaring high ratings and the only reality singing competition that will be left eventually, a break is far from reality at all.

For the premiere of the season, the artists that made it are from decent to good. A couple of standouts but I have never seen an audition like Christina Grimmie, Taylor Phelan, Sarah Simmons and Judith Hill.

Now on to the first night of the blind auditions.

Mark Hood
Use Me


– While I still prefer Ray Boudreaux (Season 5) audition piece of the same song, there is no denying Mark looked very comfortable on stage. He had a great stage presence and his vocals were decent. He reminded me of last season’s Rob Taylor. 6.5

Kota Wade
Bring It Home To Me


– She started pretty nice but as the audition went on, her vocals got shaky and the grit she infused is a bit grating for me. At some point, it felt screamish and her pitch went uneven. 5.5

Keith Semple
I’ll Be There For You


– Decent but he seems that can potentially surprise us. The vocals here were fine but at some point tye overall projection felt like a solid karaoke version. 6

Siahna Kim


– How can she be 15 and be that confident? Her little antics and vocal choices were fantastic. The vocals were good as well. Odd song choice but somehow it worked for her and her gorgeous tone. 7

Jordan Smith


– I didn’t expect this to be this good. I mean, usually with these build up of “mystery singer”, either the artist came out short or all hyped but Jordan actually had a solid take on this Sia hit! And it is a freakin’ Sia song which is so difficult to sing. There is easiness in his tone that I like and his vocal choices were actually spot on. 7.5

Nadjah Nicole


– There is stiffness to this that I feel like Nadjah could work on especially her taking a fun, energetic song like this. The vocals were uneven and her phrasing is quite muddled. 5.5

Braiden Sunshine
The Mountain Wins Again


– I was bored. I mean, it never really showed anything but a solid vocal performance but the overall impact is forgettable and on the edge of snoozefest. 6

Barrett Baber
Angel Eyes


– The vocals weren’t perfecf for me but he sounded great for most parts. He reminded me of last season’s Luke Wade and I hope he won’t crash and burn like what happened to Luke. Barrett has a nice tone and some solid vocal choices that made this a passionate and compelling audition. 7.5


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