X Factor Australia 7: Super Home Visits Part 1

The judges have spoken and our Top 20 has been made. All 20 artists are brought to UK and had a surprise!!! It is the boss himself, Simon Cowell. Together, him, the judges and more help from UK superstars, new X Factor UK judge Rita Ora and X Factor UK almuni and current host Olly Murs will judge the remaining 20 and help the judges determine who 3 Artists they will take on the Live Shows this Sunday.

Now onto the perfomances (in order of performance not ranking)


1. Cyrus Villanueva
Is This Love?

– Woah! I love this. Cyrus continuously amazes me. His voice sounded so beautiful and this is a Bob Marley song that didn’t even sound like a Bob Marley song because Cyrus was able to put a stamp on it. Great job! 8

2. Michael Duchesne
Wasn’t Expecting That

– Now this is wonderful from Michael. He usually sounded like the wedding singer for me but now, this is an artist. His vocal choices were nice, his tone was wonderful and there is smoothness to this that I didn’t expect he has. 7.5

3. Jimmy Davis
Life On Mars

– A more subtle side of Jimmy which I like too. He navigated on the verses beautiful and the liberties he took were quite nice. 7

4. Andrew Lambrou
Start Again

– Beautiful! Andrew made a point that he is locked in this season’s Top 12. With a charismatic looks, marketable star quality and gorgeous voice, I can’t seem to imagine Chris Isaak not taking him. This is quite astonishing from him. The vocals were tight and solid and there is a beautiful quality to his voice that I didn’t expect he has. 7.5

5. Big T
Let’s Get It On

– Soulful and smooth! The liberties he took sounded like Big T is a pro already. He has this power yet subtlety to his voice that I really like. Sure the song choice is a tired one but I digress, I still enjoyed it. 7

OVER 25s

1. Roshani Priddis

– Gorgeous! This is more I like it. The tone was beautiful. Her phrasing is impeccable. The performance is just divine. 7.5

2. Natalie Conway
Show Me Love

– Better for me but I still can’t wrap myself around her. Sure the vocals were pretty and the liberties she took were nice but I can’t seem to jump on her train… yet. 7

3. Dan Hamill
A Song For You

– It’s nice to see Dan took a more subtle vocal performance. This allowed us to listen on his gorgeous tone and made his vocals front and center. A couple of pitch issues but all in all, great delivery. 7

4. Gazele
Bad Girls

– I can’t imagine a live shows without Gazele but this was not up to par from what I expect and I know she can do. There are like a lot of pitch issues here and the energy was just a bit down. I don’t know. I wasn’t just feeling it. 6

5. Louise Adams

– Probably the strongest vocalist on this category and she takes chances which I adore. Not a fan of the song choice but she made the most out of it with that arrangement and her vocals were solid still. 7


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