The Voice 9: Blind Auditions (2)

The Voice Season 9

Well look at that, I thought Adam is back in his element. I think there is a different vibe from him that he showed from last season. Gwen also is a welcoming surprise because for her sophomore take on the show, I knew she learned a lot from her rookie mistakes. And she’s genuinely caring, sweet and funny. Blake and Pharrell were also natural. So I’m liking their chemistry more and more now.

The second night of blind auditions went pretty well. There are like a couple of standouts again but I am still waiting for that wow factor that will start to build up a much hype and a “someone to watch out for” this season that you know a lock for lives or will go far. Haha.

Let’s see.

Blind Joe
If It Hadn’t Been For Love


– His rhythm or timing with the song sounds pretty off for me. His voice was decent but I just can’t wrap up on it fully. I don’t know. 5

Ivonne Acero


– I like her voice. There is something lovely about it. Her take on this Taylor Swift song is pretty good. It’s quirky yet pop at the same time. Her vocal choices were impeccable and I love how she’s more confident now. I am glad she returned. 7.5

Regina Love
Rock Steady


– Too dated. Good voice. 5.5

Zach Seabaugh
Take Your Time


– He started a bit shaky for me but once he picked up, he never really looked back. He is marketable, really has a charismatic look and a voice that is so deep yet lovely. 7

Evan McKeel

– I like this. He reminded me of Caleb Elder from Season 6 and he brought some energy on his audition that is not overwhelming. Plus his voice sounded pretty good too. And when Pharrell asked him to do a Stevie Wonder song (he chose “Overjoyed”), my heart melts because it showed a whole new dynamics to his already wonderful voice. 8

Emily Ann Roberts
I Hope You Dance


– Her voice is thin in my ears. There are parts that sounded grating. 5.5

Ellie Lawrence
We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off


– Lovely! There is melancholy yet subtle power brought up in here. The vocals were gorgeous and how she navigated the verses of the so beautifully is a masterful. I love this. 8

James Dupre
Let Her Cry


– James a decent, nice tone. His vocals weren’t perfect here but I understood the appeal at some point. I just want to have more personality from him because there are parts that he is quite blah. A couple of pitch issues but overall a decent showing. 7

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