The Voice 9: Blind Auditions (3)

The Voice Season 9

Part 3 of the Blind Auditions and so far we have a lot of country artists no? Also, I still don’t have that specific one to root for but I must say, there are a couple of good auditions already. But yeah, I am still waiting for that “wow” moment.

Gwen looks more comfortable now that her first time on the red chair. Adam still looks so handsome, I can’t even.

Check out the artists that made it to tonight’s episode.

Morgan Frazier
I Want You To Want Me


– She sounded too country generic. Her tone, her phrasing, the way she delivered it like a competent karaoke version. 6

Amanda Ayala
Mississippi Queen


– I find her phrasing quite nasally. There are parts that were rough but she had a good stage command. 5

Jeffrey Austin
Lay Me Down


– There’s richness in his tone that I like. The way he phrased the verses sounded beautiful. His vocals were solid and quite impressive. 7.5

Lyndsey Elm
Lips Are Movin’


– Fantastic arrangement. Great vocals. Wonderful phrasing. 7.5

Manny Cabo
Here I Go Again


– While I find his high registers uneven, there are parts of this performance that were impressive. His pitch was solid; His vocals sounded strong. 6.5

Madi Davis
It’s Too Late


– The quirky tone of her voice matched the way she delivered her audition. The vocals were compelling enough to make it actually an interesting and lovely audition. It wasn’t perfecf but I am interested. 7.5

Chris Crump
Thinking Out Loud


– Chris delivered a very competent version of this Ed Sheeran’s hit. He sounded great and his vocals were so smooth and lovely. More so, there is a quiet charm to him that is very appealing. 7.5

Tyler Dickerson
Hard To Handle


– I must say, Tyler delivered a solid take on the song. And with those rapid fire delivery of the lyrics, I’m impressed on how well he was able to sing them with so much clarity. He also does have a great stage command. 7

Jubal & Amanda
Seven Bridges Road


– Except for that cheesy proposal in the end, to be honest, Jubak and Amanda’s vocals were all over the place. Their harmonies sounded terrible and yhe individual verses were off key. I don’t know, it just didn’t really work for me. 3

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