X Factor UK 12: This Is Me.. (Top 13)

It’s a new season of the X Factor UK and it is the first live shows. The finalists which is now 13 acts is tackling a theme of “This is me…” and well on the X Factor book, it just means.. sing anything you like. Lol.

It was a pretty good night to be honest with some weird and tired song choices which is expected as well.

Okay, here is how I ranked tonight’s episode.

You’re A Wonder One

– The song choice was baffling in the first place and everything just didn’t go somewhere. I am still confused on how she got a slot over Kerrie-Anne or Jennifer or even Ebru. 3

Dance With My Father

– His delivery is like he was acting. From the facial expression to how badly he enunciates his words. Vocally, it was decent albeit some sharp high notes. 4

Crying For No Reason

– Forgettable and bland. Keira had a song choice that didn’t really showcase her talent and she is not that memorable. 4

I’m Every Woman

– The tired song choice didn’t do justice to how fantastic singer Lauren is. And with her bubbly personality that exudes with so much charm, this is a baffling song choice for her. Sure she sounded great but it came across as a lounge slash karaoke version. 4.5

It Wasn’t Me

– I love the song choice as it suited Reggie ‘N’ Bollie. They were entertaining and funny! And I must agree with Grimmy, I won’t consider them as novelty act at all as they were able to hit some good notes here and there. Now if only they could polish their vocals because they can’t sing such song each and every week, no? 6

Tears Dry On Their Own/Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

– The mash up was actually smart. The vocals were good and the transition from the Any Winehouse tune to the Sister Act hit was sublime. But once he started screaming towards the end, he lost me. But it was still a good first live show performance. 6.5

Life On Mars

– Seann performed an unexpected one and for me it is a polarizing performance. You either like it or not. As for me, it is quite a decent showing although the whole thing is verging into a theatrical performance. 6.5


– For me, this is the weakest performance from this girl group. The individual verses were messy and the second part of the verses, the backtrack even overpowers the vocals. The harmonies weren’t as tight as they used to be and the vocal bombast is starting to get too common. The good thing, the theme suits their performance that they’ve showed that this is the kind of artist they can be post-X Factor. 6.5

Someone Like You

– Again it is a polarizing arrangement but I liked this. I didn’t love love it, but it was interesting enough. I sure do miss though the emotional impact of the song but Max took a risk and his vocals were soaring beautifully! 7


– Mason showed some swag and confidence that is both charming and personable. He also sounded good and his vocals were mostly on point. I hope that 6-chair drama will be left behind already because Mason is actually a compelling singer and he can do really well because he can really sing. 7

Make It Rain

– Vocals were solid and gorgeous! She looked like a real diva. Her voice soared beautifully especially during those high registers. The only thing I missed, the performance lacks that grit to make it more textured. 7.5

God Only Knows

– Lovely! This competition is for Louisa to lose and with her gorgeous tone, solid vocals and star quality.. we could be seeing the new X Factor champ. I just hope she won’t get screwed over or she gets too confident and complacent. 8

Do It Like A Dude

– The production, the vocals and the overall impact is just perfect! It is like watching them on their own concert and everything just fell into its right place. Sure the song choice is not as popular as let’s say Cheryl’s first choice but Alie Uncovered made it worked. Also, the vocals were their strongest to date. 8


New Track: Ariana Grande – Focus

In a month where famous artists continue to steal each other’s thunder, Ariana Grande is also not to be forgotten as the teen pop star released her newest single with a new video, simultaneously being available for downloads, streaming and enjoying some radio airplay. Her new song is entitled “Focus”. It will obviously not outperform Adele’s much awaited single returned “Hello” but with the songs pop tune, uptempo beat and radio friendly feel? This will be another hit in the hearts of Ari’s fans.

Check out the track and video below:

The Voice 9: Knockouts (2)

The Voice 9 - Knockouts Round

Part 2 of the Knockouts Round and both Adam & Gwen had used their only 1 STEAL. Tonight another STEAL will be used and either Pharrell or Blake will use it.

The night turned out to be underwhelming though but 1 artist is turning out to be a dark horse on the competition.

Check out how I ranked the 6 artists from tonight’s episode.

[Team ADAM]
Result: ELIMINATED (vs. Keith Semple)

– Bland and boring. The performance just didn’t go up to something exciting. Nothing wrong with the singing though but it wasn’t memorable at all. 4

Little White Church
[Team GWEN]
Result: ELIMINATED (vs. Korin Bukowski)

– There is sass in her delivery that is admirable but her vocals were so generic and common that it didn’t distinguish her away from the other country artists. 5

On Broadway
Result: WINNER (vs. Morgan Frazier)

– The vocals were albeit too much. He added too much color that I personally feel unnecessary. 6

I Want To Know What Love Is
[Team ADAM]
Result: WINNER (vs. Dustin Christensen)

– The thinness in his tone is a bit distracting but Keith made the most out of his song choice. It sounded pretty in parts though. 6

Even If It Breaks Your Heart
Result: ELIMINATED (vs. Darius Scott); STEAL (Team BLAKE)

– There is a tentativeness in her delivery from the beginning that was a little off but once she picked up, it sounded really good. The chorus in particular is her strongest part. 6.5

All I Want
[Team GWEN]
Result: WINNER (vs. Summer Schappel)

– Korin is a little dark horse that Gwen has nurtured in the course of the competition and I can’t wait on what she will do as the competition progress. Her voice is pure and divine. Her tone is lovely. Her quirky quality and awkwardness is charming too. Watch out for her and hopefully, Gwen won’t screw her with some awful song choice. 8

New Track: James Bay – If You Ever Want To Be In Love

James Bay is one of the breakout artist of 2015 with his songs Hold Back The River and Let It Go doing really well. He now released a new song and its a midtempo, feel good vibe track that is perfect for a long drive.

Listen to James’ new song, If you ever want to be in love below:

Movie Review: Jem and the Holograms (’15 Jon M. Chu)

I couldn’t really fault the film since I haven’t seen the original. So the comparison isn’t really part of my perspective when I decided to take a good seat for the film. Look, Jem and the Holograms isn’t perfect. At times, it lacks humor and entertainment value. But it still – for me – a decent flow. The phasing was okay. The writing is flawed but it had potential. The leads and actresses were fine, sometimes annoying. Ryan Guzman is freakin’ hot and a gorgeous human being. The film is a fine piece with parts that are arguably senseless and underbaked. 5

On TV: The Voice Coaches Play Spin The Microphone

The Voice coaches dropped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to play the hilarious game of Spin the Microphone. From songs like Hotline Bling and Ooops I did it again, they all served a funny and candid performances. This is so funny! Blake makes things awkward with his train of thoughts.

Check it out!